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  • HIPAA: It’s a Big Deal

HIPAA: It’s a Big Deal

Most people know this much about HIPAA – it’s the federal law that protects our privacy as patients. For most of us, HIPAA is that piece of paper the doctor’s office gives you to sign signifying you know what your rights are. And most of us know that healthcare providers aren’t allowed to share your patient information with anyone without your permission.

But HIPAA is a whole lot more than paperwork for the doc’s office and a stern warning not to gossip.

HIPAA Security says that […]

  • BYOD- Smart Move or Stupid Idea

BYOD- Smart Move or Stupid Idea

I overheard this conversation between a young twenty-something and his mother on an airplane a few months ago:

Mom: I’m so excited about your new job! And what a nice perk that will be, to have them give you an iphone and have them pay the cell phone bill!

Son: Yeah, well, I’m not taking it.

Mom (aghast): What do you mean, you aren’t taking it?

Son: Just what I said. I hate iPhones and I’m not using one. I like my Galaxy. I’ll just use that.

Mom: Um…I’m […]

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